February 22: Boomstick Blasting

Late morning, Mike Shaw gave me a call to meet up for some afternoon shooting.  I met up with Shaw, Cam, Tyler, and Myles at Howe Sound Stables.  We convoyed South to go up the Mamquam FSR, the destination was a cut-block to shoot some clays and split some wood.


eDSC02339 eDSC02340

Tyler’s beautiful double-barrel 12ga shotgun, passed down to him from his Grandfather.  Complete with the original box and cleaning kit.eDSC02341

all of the essentials for a manfternoon: shotguns, clays, chips, beers, beef jerky, and an angry Stihl 660…eDSC02342

Cam blasting some clay-pigeons.eDSC02344

My baby, custom BCX Pioneer, alongside the boom-stick.eDSC02348 eDSC02349

…It splits wood without a sweat…eDSC02350

…and makes the gorgeous landscape a little more manly…eDSC02351 landscape eDSC02354 eDSC02356

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