down by the river

Water is the driving force of all nature.

– Leonardo da Vinci


February 8th, Squamish BC.


It was just after 4:00PM.  Lynnaea just got home from work, excited as always and wanting to go adventure.  Lynnaea, brother Riley, our cousin Brandon and myself grabbed a case of beer and set off down Paradise Valley for a twilight hangout at the Cheakamus.

It was a very eerie drive on the paved section of Paradise Valley road, and very bumpy when the tarmac ended…

eDSC01971 ghostly eDSC01973 faux holga DSC01972 DSC01974 eDSC01977 copyeDSC01980 copy


I love movement of water.  To me, seeing water smash and crash over rocks under the creamy green mass flowing by is hypnotic.  And the sound creates a tranquil atmosphere that would and has put me to sleep.

DSC01991 eDSC01979 brandon eDSC01978 riebrandon DSC02005 DSC02009 eDSC01997 copy

I love days like this.  Sit at home thinking of what to do, then we just grab beer and just drive until we find a spot we see fit for relaxing.

eDSC02004 copy eDSC02000 group



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