35mm film: April 2014

Doing a little bit of organizing in my picture folders on my laptop, I found some albums that I have been wanting to go through and post.  I found one in particular that I enjoyed, a 35mm film album.

A christmas present that Riley and Lynnaea gave me in 2013 was a do-it-yourself camera kit.  Produced by the company Lomography, the “Konstruktor” is a 35mm plastic SLR camera, fun to build and fun to use.

This is a roll of film shot here in Squamish at Nexen Beach, all unedited…


0001_27A 0023_00A 0022_0A 0021_2 0020_2A 0019_4 0018_5 0017_6 0016_7A 0015_8A 0014_10 0013_11 0012_12A 0011_14 0010_15 0009_16A 0008_17A 0007_19 0006_20A 0005_22 0004_23A 0003_25 0002_26


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