This site is here to showcase my work history in a visually unique way…

along with being a hub of my photography, adventures, interests, inspirations and thoughts.


My name is Nick Leboe, I am a resident of Squamish BC.  Born in Quesnel BC, my family (Dan: father, Darlene: mother, Riley: older brother, Jess: younger brother) moved to Vernon BC in the Okanagan to be more involved in skiing.  After only spending a couple years in town, our family moved onto Silver Star Mountain Resort to continue the family passion for skiing, this is where my love for the outdoors began.

Living on the ski resort for 12 years, I moved to Squamish in 2011 where my brother bought an apartment of that year.  Since moving here, I have been exploring Squamish’s mountains, rivers, valleys, estuaries, lakes and glaciers.

I am very passionate about photography, nature, exploring, Japanese car culture, science and technology.

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